Best YouTube Shorts Apps [iOS, Android, PC & Mac]

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Best YouTube Shorts Video Editing Apps

Unlike regular YouTube videos where there’s no time limit, YouTube Shorts must be between 15 to 60 seconds long. That’s not much time to grab your viewer's attention and entertain or educate them. If you want to create viral YouTube Shorts, your videos need to be flawless—and that’s where a good YouTube Shorts app comes in.

The best YouTube Shorts apps provide content creators like you with all the tools they need to improve video and audio quality, add effects, filters, and more while also staying within the required time limit. To help simplify your search for the perfect YouTube Shorts app for your needs, today, we'll be taking an in-depth look at the best video content editing software for Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows devices. Let’s dive in!

3 Best YouTube Shorts Video Editors for iOS and Android

1. PowerDirector

PowerDirector App Interface

Available for both iOS and Android, PowerDirector is a powerful video editing app for creating high-quality short and long-form videos. PowerDirector’s user-friendly drag and drop interface enables you to split, merge, crop, or trim videos with just a few clicks, then upload your video straight to YouTube from your PowerDirector library.

PowerDirector provides hundreds of royalty-free songs that you can use to spice up your videos. The royalty-free songs, in particular, are a big bonus because YouTube offers limited options for attaching songs to YouTube videos.

The app is updated monthly with new features, video templates, special effects, fresh royalty-free videos, songs, and more.

Even if you’re new to video editing you won’t have any issues creating videos. The app is intuitive and easy to use.

The best part? PowerDirector is free. While there is a paid version, the free version offers extensive editing tools. It’s all you'll need to make professional-quality YouTube Shorts.

2. KineMaster

KineMaster App Interface

The KineMaster mobile app simplifies creating short-form videos for YouTube Shorts with straightforward splitting and trimming options. KineMaster also offers various transition options and video effects for creating engaging and professional-looking videos. You can even record and edit videos in real-time to shorten the time it takes to create videos for your YouTube account.

However, KineMaster doesn’t quite measure up to PowerDirector in functionality for making YouTube Shorts.

3. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush App Interface

Adobe Premiere Rush is a mobile app that can help you create videos on the go. You can shoot and edit videos directly on the app. However, Adobe Premiere Rush isn’t perfect. The free version only allows three desktop video exports—ever—that limit does not reset.

While exports are unlimited on mobile, this aspect does hinder the software's versatility. If you want to export more videos from the desktop version, you will have to upgrade to the paid version.

You also can’t copy or paste clips into the editing timeline, and there’s no ripple trim tool. Without ripple trim, when you click and drag to trim footage, the next clip won’t automatically move to replace the missing footage. Whereas, PowerDirector offers more ease of use and a larger transition library.

3 Best YouTube Shorts Video Editors for Mac and Windows

1. PowerDirector

PowerDirector on Mac and Windows takes everything awesome about the mobile version and amplifies it. For instance, on Windows computers, PowerDirector offers AI-powered tools like sky replacement and speech enhancement.

The computer version also offers more special effects, transitions, video templates, and motion graphic titles than the app.

The free version of the software offers many of the same features as the paid version. PowerDirector is fast and easy to use so you can create YouTube Shorts in no time.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro Interface

As the advanced version of Premiere Rush, Adobe Premiere Pro provides more tools for turning raw footage into YouTube videos. You also get cloud storage, allowing you to access your projects from any computer after logging into your account.

On the downside, Adobe Premiere Pro requires quite a bit of RAM. If you have an older computer with limited processing power, you could run into lag at the least and system crashes at the worst.

Beyond that, the paid version is pricy, and despite the high price, the software doesn’t offer many of the features and conveniences provided by the free version of PowerDirector. If you’re new to video editing and Adobe products, figuring out the software can take some time, too.

3. Final Cut

Final Cut Interface

Final Cut only works on Mac computers, but it offers a nice range of video editing tools for creating YouTube Shorts, such as video trimming, filters, motion graphics, and special effects.

Most content creators will find the Final Cut software sufficient to get the job done. Final Cut works best when installed on a Mac computer with the latest GPU.

Start Creating YouTube Shorts that Attract More Viewers

While you can’t monetize YouTube Shorts, they are an excellent avenue to increase your daily views and generate traffic for your monetized YouTube videos. With an award-winning YouTube Shorts app like PowerDirector, you can create show-stopping videos sure to set you apart from your competitors.

Even better, since PowerDirector is simple to use, you can quickly master its many features to your advantage. PowerDirector is one of the few YouTube Short apps with an expansive audio library for creating the perfect soundtrack for your videos, and YouTube won’t penalize you for using PowerDirector songs in your videos because you’ve already paid for the right to use them! Try PowerDirector risk-free today for Android, iOS, Apple, or Windows.

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