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See why you should be using Facebook Video Ad Templates to promote your small business

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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The decision to promote your business on Facebook is a shrewd one as Facebook continues to be one of the most popular social media websites for both users and advertisers. With millions of Americans browsing through their Facebook news feeds every day, advertising on Facebook is a great opportunity for small businesses to find new customers as well as retarget customers in their sales funnel. But given the volume of content customers are consuming on a daily basis, winning the attention of your prospective customers and gaining a presence in these feeds can be a challenge.

One of the most effective ways to gain a presence on Facebook is through video ads. It’s where consumers spend their time and, because video is such a captivating medium, more than two-thirds of business marketers in the US are using Facebook videos ads.

Video advertising works and the numbers prove it – people are four times more likely to watch a video for a product than read the details about it on a web site. Videos also drive more organic traffic to websites by a wide margin so marketing your business with video has been proven to be an effective medium for promotion.

But how do you, as a small business owner, get traction in such a competitive marketplace especially if you’ve never created Facebook video ads before?

The path to victory in the Facebook advertising competition is through the use of Facebook video ad templates. In this article, we will review some reasons why Facebook video ad templates are an effective and efficient way of creating video ads, and also review the top 5 most popular Facebook video ad templates for small businesses.

Why You Should Use Facebook Ad Templates

With the growing demand for and integration of video in media platforms, small businesses now have the opportunity to make their own Facebook video ads. To create these ads, small businesses no longer have to go through an ad agency to create a video marketing campaign and have it distributed. Now, all they really need now is an idea, a smartphone (to shoot video, if needed), and a Facebook video ad template.

Makes Video Editing Easy

Creating Facebook video ads may seem like a daunting thought for some, but video ad templates make video editing easy. Most templates require you to just import your own clips, replace the placeholder text with your own, and then click a button to produce. That’s it. All the hard work is done for you by the template. The text design, layout, clip editing sequence, and formatting is all done for you!

Saves You Time

Editing videos in a video editor can be very time-consuming and post-production is the longest part of the entire production process. Editing requires a lot of cutting, reordering, and development of graphic elements just to make even the most basic video. With Facebook video ad templates, however, we’ve streamlined the process and you can usually finish a video ad with just a few clicks.

Video Ads that Look Professionally Made

Video editing software can create some stunning video content, but learning to create these types of videos also takes a lot of time. That’s why we’ve put together all of the most important building blocks of a professionally edited video for you. Without any background knowledge at all, you can simply populate our templates with your content and ensure professional-looking results.

What to Look for in Facebook Video Ad Templates

Not all Facebook video ad templates are created equal, so be sure to find the ones that fit your small business needs. Below are some recommendations of what to think about when deciding which Facebook video ad templates are for you.

Many Templates to Choose From

A large variety of choices available when deciding which Facebook video ad template to use for your ad can be crucial to accommodate your marketing needs. From different types of promotions to events to matching different brand styles, variety is key. The more templates there are, the better the chance you can make the video that fits what you’re trying to do, and the more distinct it will be from other Facebook video ads.

Effortless to Use

You also want Facebook video ad templates that make video editing as simple as possible. Make sure you can complete a video ad in just a few steps and aren’t distracted by complicated features. You may want to do advanced editing on your Facebook video ads, but you shouldn’t have to. Advanced editing should be a bonus feature that is available if you ever need it.

Cool Design

Make sure the Facebook video ad templates have modern and stylish designs, as you need to create video ads that stand out. Facebook has many videos and video ads, and user attention span is short, so your templates need to create ads that can instantly grab a user’s attention.

Flexible Video Ad Templates

The best Facebook video ad templates are designed for more than one type of Facebook video ad. Ensure the video ad templates allow for the aspect ratio and output format to be customized so that your video ads can be used on different Facebook channels. The ideal Facebook ad template can be reused across Facebook in video stories, feed videos, collection ads, etc.

Stock Media Included

A bonus feature to think about when choosing Facebook video ad templates is whether they include any stock media you can use in your ads. Your video ads need to look professional and with the inclusion of professional quality music and video clips, they are more likely to. Plus with the right stock media library, you might be able to complete your entire ad without having to shoot any of your own video!

Facebook Video Ad Templates from PowerDirector 365 Business

Facebook video ad templates that are included with a subscription to PowerDirector 365 Business satisfy all of these requirements. Included with the subscription to 365 is access to the Ad Designer where you can choose from hundreds of Facebook video ad templates that create professional quality videos.

You can also make a Facebook video ad in just three steps in the Ad Designer, creating eye-catching stories or in-stream videos for Facebook with the same video ad template.

Creating professional-looking Facebook video ad content is a breeze with PowerDirector 365 Business. And better yet, you can download the free Essential version of PowerDirector 365 Business right now and see for yourself how easy you can make your own Facebook video ads.

The 5 Most Popular Facebook Video Ad Templates for Small Business

Many small businesses are already using Facebook video ad templates to create video ads for their business. Here are some of the most popular types of businesses creating video ads with Facebook video ad templates.

Food & Restaurant

Advertise your restaurant or food retail business on Facebook to reach your current customers and find new ones in your neighborhood and beyond. Check out this example restaurant video ad for Facebook created using a video ad template from PowerDirector 365 Business to see what marketing possibilities are available for your small business.

Hair and Nail Salons

Hair and nail salons are a staple of local communities, so why not reach out to that community using the tools available in Facebook advertising. With PowerDirector 365 Business you could easily make the following video ad for your hair salon and post it to Facebook today.

Real Estate Companies

If you are a local realtor trying to compete in the competitive real estate market you need video advertising to distinguish yourself and get local recognition. Have a look at the kind of real estate video ads you can make for Facebook by simply using a video ad template found in PowerDirector 365 Business.

Yoga and Other Fitness Related Businesses

Yoga studios and fitness centers continue to be a growing industry, as it is a trend that never seems to end. You can advertise for your yoga studio on Facebook to target the potential customers in your area. With a Facebook video ad template from PowerDirector 365 Business, you could be sharing the following video ad on the social media website today.

Auto Mechanics

Everyone needs their car worked on at some point, so you should be trying to gain a presence on Facebook when users start searching for auto repair solutions. Use this video ad created using a PowerDirector 365 Business Facebook video ad template to get their attention and come to the rescue with your services.

How to Make a Facebook Video Ad in PowerDirector 365 Business

Now that you have learned about the importance of Facebook video ad templates, let’s see how to create a professional looking video ad with PowerDirector 365 Business in just a few steps.

Start by downloading PowerDirector 365 Business Essential for free right now and follow these steps to create your own:

1. Launch PowerDirector 365 Business and then select the Ad Designer option.

2. The Ad Designer will open.

3. Browse through and select the Facebook video ad template you want to use. You can use the business categories to help you refine your search.

4. After selecting a Facebook video ad template, you have to set the aspect ratio for your video ad. Depending on the type of ad you are creating, you can choose from 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1.

5. Click OK to import the selected Facebook video ad template into the Ad Designer. Note that you can change the project aspect ratio later if required.

6. If required, you can replace any of the default video clips with your own, or with videos you download directly from iStock by Getty Images.

7. Add in your own logo and edit the title text in the Facebook video ad template scenes to match your business requirements.

8. Preview the Facebook video ad and then click Produce Video to output to a video file you can upload to Facebook. Or click Advanced Editing if you want to customize your video further in PowerDirector. The flexibility is there for your convenience.

If you’d like to learn more about using a Facebook video ad template to create a video ad in PowerDirector 365 Business, please see this tutorial.

Facebook Video Ad Templates for Your Small Business

PowerDirector 365 Business has all the tools and Facebook video ad templates you’ll need to create the right ads for your small business. Try the Essential version of PowerDirector 365 Business for free and start building your business presence on Facebook.

If you found this article useful, why not venture over to our ultimate guide for video marketing? Our guide covers everything you need to know when creating ads or promotional videos for your brand or business.

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