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25 Best TikTok Templates in 2024

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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25 Best TikTok Templates in 2022

Since TikTok launched, it has quickly become one of the top video-sharing social network apps. But with millions of users, it is hard to stand out or be noticed. If you want to step up your TikTok game but feel overwhelmed by the already established bevy of viral videos and famous TikTokers, we are here to help. 

This article will cover all the basics, like the benefits of creating TikTok videos with templates, the best video editor with templates for fast content creation, and how to design your own. It also provides you with the best 25 templates to help get you started putting out amazing viral videos that can get you to pop up on everybody’s fypシ AKA For You Page. 

When you start posting videos, explore the latest videos for hashtags and watch content from popular creators to stay up in the TikTok game. You would not believe how much you will learn when you watch and discover yourself. Take that knowledge and the best TikTok templates below, and your TikTok page can’t help but grow!

What is a TikTok Template?

A TikTok template provides users with a base background video, graphics, and text that allow a social media creator to edit and share content to their page quicker and easier.

Why Use a TikTok Template?

TikTok templates shorten the time frame of creating content from conception to creation. Saving yourself time and making the process easier means you can spend more time on engagement or other aspects of growing your following.

Types of TikTok Templates

  • Social Media Challenge Templates
  • Dance TikTok templates
  • Lip-Syncing TikTok Templates
  • Trending TikTok Templates
  • Tutorial TikTok Templates

Best TikTok Template Designer

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PowerDirector Business 365

We’ve found the best TikTok template designer, PowerDirector Business 365. This software makes creating and growing your TikTok account easy with its professional-grade video editing features and tools. They have over 3,000+ templates, a dedicated template designer, and special effects with new features constantly being added. And with a stock library of over 8,000,000+ videos, photos, and music tracks, you can create amazing content without shooting a thing. Download it for free to try the fastest, most straightforward video editor for TikTok.

Note: The mobile version of PowerDirector Business 365 is Promeo

25 Best TikTok Template

1. Eye-catching Template by Lulu - Best for Fashion

Eye-catching Template - Best for Fashion

This template has a dreamy, sweet sexiness about it. Folks will love the glittering, sparkling stars and the slow, gentle sweep of the last woman running her fingers along the shoulder and hair of the woman in the middle. If this TikTok were used for your fashion line, it would evoke the same dreamy, sweet and sexy respect for your designer clothes.

2. You’re Watching by CyberLink - Best for Landing Page

You’re Watching - Best for Landing Page

This template is for introducing folks to a TikTok page. The smooth, creamy, soft pink, neutral transitions, and moving graphics are classy and uplifting.

3. An Evening of Dining by CyberLink - Best for Love

An Evening of Dining - Best for Love

This romantic template is the perfect TikTok template for couples or brands catering to love. Of course, you have to love the cute text reveal, bouncy hearts, and the background video of two people cheersing at sunrise. 

4. EDM Remixes of Popular Songs by Planet J - Best for Music

EDM Remixes of Popular Songs - Best for Music

This fully customizable TikTok template can be used for anything since every element is editable or replaceable, but the gorgeous flowy holographic background graphics are stunning and complements hip EDM remixes and the like.

5. Life Motivation by Daniel Shueh - Best for Life

Life Motivation - Best for Life

Leave them pondering life with this gentle and quality TikTok template that would serve any folks into self-improvement, motivation, and mental health.

6. Ten Best Surf Spots by Daniel Shueh - Best for Sports

Ten Best Surf Spots - Best for Sports

Share any surf-related posts with this TikTok template. You’ve got a great pair of surfers for the video story background, and the text is editable, so you can replace it with the text you want.

7. Stylish Template C by Lulu - Best for Couples

Stylish Template C - Best for Couples

This TikTok video template is THE template for edgy and hip couples sharing their anniversary stories. The couple and the color scheme are moody, making you appreciate this couple's artistic vibes. In addition, you can edit the text boxes to tell your story.

8. Art Showcase by Sakura Studio - Best for Visual Artists

Art Showcase - Best for Visual Artists

This TikTok template reveals a beautiful sequence of the painting unfolding. The movement of the painting is captivating and makes for an exceptional artistic template that draws the viewer in.

9. 10K Followers by WinnieBaby - Best For Followers

10K Followers - Best for Followers

Celebrate your follower milestones with this TikTok template. The model is so happy to have reached 10K. It’s a great template to happily give thanks and spread more love and good vibes with all the folks following you.

10. Color Trend by Planet J - Best for Graphic Design

Color Trend - Best for Graphic Design

Such a clean and classy TikTok template emphasizes color blocks with a model wearing neon green powder being dropped on her eyebrows and her face. This template builds curiosity about what might be the most popular color trends in 2024.

11. My Travel Blog by CyberLink - Best for Travel

My Travel Blog - Best for Travel

If you want to share all the gorgeous photos from your recent travels, use this template, and feel free to edit and replace the videos with your images. 

12. Makeup Tutorial by Planet J - Best for Makeup

Makeup Tutorial - Best for Makeup

Here is the ultimate candy makeup tutorial with the floating candy background graphics and the pop-out images of the model showing off the look and the beautiful products being used. This TikTok template is professional and fun and bound to draw in many makeup consumers who will enjoy the look and feel of this post.

13. My World by Hachi Yang - Best for Social Media

My World - Best for Social Media

Let’s get artsy and edgy with this TikTok template—what a fun template for the individual artist or playful person. The video graphics show off a video of a woman that is ethereally moving in a space with all blue lighting and with a unique effect that looks reminiscent of a wavy mirror in a fun house.

14. Live Soccer Streaming by Terho - Best for Sports

Live Soccer Streaming - Best for Sports

GOOAALLLL!!! Soccer fans, get this awesome TikTok template to share your sports stream. You must love the bird's eye view the drone pulling up gives you of the soccer field.

15. Winter City Tour by BiaGGI - Best for Seasonal

Winter City Tour - Best for Seasonal

Highlight the best of your winter city with this seasonal travel guide TikTok template. It features a walk through snowy fields with the city on the horizon line and editable text animations with smooth, clean lines. 

16. New Video by Uncle Drew - Best for New Posts

New Video - Best for New Posts

This TikTok template is excellent for a sweet and pretty new post announcement with many editable options. You can show off your logo and replace the background image however you like. Use this template to share the news of your new TikTok video!

17. Daily Vlog by Erin Yang - Best for Vlogs

Daily Vlog - Best for Vlogs

Your daily vlog TikTok template is right here. The clean, lined borders and window design showcase your content in an elevated form. This is one good-looking daily vlog TikTok template. 

18. Pets by Erin Chiu - Best for Pets

Pets - Best for Pets

Show off your adorable pet with this TikTok template, and feel free to edit the text to highlight your love and excitement for them no matter what day it is, on national puppy day, your pet’s birthday, or any day at all.

19. Trusted Repair by creator7 may - Best for Repair

Trusted Repair - Best for Repair

This one is for the repair shops and their customers. You can make any edits to personalize the text info. It features bike parts being worked on by a repairman with bright and bold text with simple text reveals sharing all the info your customers will need to know. 

20. Show Yourself by creator9 may - Best for TikTok

Show Yourself - Best for TikTok

This TikTok template is so meta. It’s a template for a social media post encouraging you to post a dance on TikTok. Go and get it if you want to share the joy of how fun and easy it is to post and build a following on your social media accounts.

21. World Emoji Day by creator8 may - Best for Social Media

World Emoji Day - Best for Social Media

Here’s another adorable TikTok template sharing the fun of emoji with circling heart emojis in the background and a sad face emoji transitioning to a happy face emoji. Spread the love with this cute emoji TikTok video.

22. The Union of Mind and Body by creator9 may - Best for Wellness

The Union of Mind and Body - Best for Wellness

This TikTok template features a peaceful yogi sitting and stretching backwards and a cute quote in oversized black brackets. Use this template if you want to promote peace and wellness on your social media and edit your quote to personalize it. 

23. Gaming Channel by MaxB - Best for Gaming

Gaming Channel - Best for Gaming

Use the power of lasers to grab your gaming audience’s attention. This TikTok template is exciting and fun with lasers rotating in all directions. 

24. Sunset Party by chiachi_chang - Best for Party

Sunset Party - Best for Party

Invite all your friends to your next party with this beautiful sunset TikTok template. The people are dancing to the beat and have their hands and drinks in the air, waving them like they just don’t care. Your friends will want to be there to get on your TikTok template’s wavelength.

25. Fashion Template by Lulu - Best for Music

Be Patient - Best for Minimalist Design

Check out this cool music TikTok template with text wrapping and fun drawn sparkle animations. This template is absolutely perfect for musicians promoting their next release!

How to Customize a TikTok Template

Check out this Step by Step Guide to Customize a TikTok Template using PowerDirector 365 Business below:

Note: The mobile version of PowerDirector Business 365 is Promeo

  1. Open PowerDirector 365 Business and Start with Template.
  2. Open the Video Based Template tab and select a template to begin working on your TikTok video.
  3. PowerDirector - Video Based Template
  4. At the bottom of the Ad Designer, you will find the menu of tools and options you can use to customize your new TikTok video template, Crop, Edit Text, Add New Scene, Add Image, Add Music, Change Color Scheme, Change Aspect Ration, and Settings.
  5. PowerDirector - Ad Designer Tools
  6. If you would like to add more scenes, click on Add Scene to add or edit the Beginning, Middle or Ending.
  7. PowerDirector - Add Scene Icon PowerDirector - Ad Designer Add Scene interface
  8. Add an Animated Image on top of your video by clicking Add Video Overlay.
  9. PowerDirector - Add Video Overlay icon PowerDirector - Ad Designer Add Video Overlay
  10. Add, replace, or trim the background music by clicking on the Add Background Music tool.
  11. PowerDirector - Add Background Music Icon PowerDirector - Ad Designer Add Background Music
  12. Review all the editing options on the menu, and when happy with all your editing, Produce and Share your final TikTok Video!

Download the Best TikTok Template Designer for Free

When you found this article, you might have been searching for new TikTok video ideas or even feeling frustrated or intimidated by the idea of having to create all your videos from scratch. Now, you know about 25 awesome TikTok templates you can customize in minutes. And those are only a few of the thousands available in PowerDirector 365 Business.

PowerDirector 365 Business does more than templated video creation. It also includes professional-grade video editing and effects. Plus, a world-class stock library provided by Shutterstock and Getty Images and AI-powered video enhancement tools. 

Download and try PowerDirector365 Business for free.

Note: The mobile version of PowerDirector Business 365 is Promeo

TikTok Template FAQ

1. How Do I Create a Custom TikTok Template?

With PowerDirector 365 Business, you will select a TikTok template you like. Then in Ad Designer, you can customize every inch of your TikTok template to your liking and preferences. From replacing the music to cropping and editing your images and videos to adding text and animations.

2. How Do I Find a Template for TikTok?

With PowerDirector 365 Business, you can search through thousands of awesome templates for your TikTok right within Ad Designer. Review the hundreds of options organized by theme and select the one that fits your needs.

3. How Do I Post a TikTok?

Open up your TikTok app and press the big plus sign at the bottom of the app. You can select Upload to upload your newly saved video and continue to edit it with the TikTok app if you like. You can click next, create a caption, run through all the options presented by TikTok, then tap Post!

4. What is TikTok’s History?

TikTok originated from a popular short-form video streaming app called Musical.ly. The app primarily offered various music and dialogue options to which people could lip sync. That company was acquired by a Chinese company called ByteDance, and they transferred all of the Musical.ly users over to TikTok. As a result, TikTok broadened its base of users and also its video sharing options by adding original sound, special effects, and filters.

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