25 Best Intro Templates in 2024

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25 Best Intro Templates in 2023

We can have the best intentions to make a significant impact on others through our social media presence, but you only have a limited amount of time to grab people's attention.

You can make a post, a video here and there, but it can be a drag and creative drain to create a consistent, unified message that captures and keeps people's attention.

Here's one tip to make it easier on you. Use professionally designed intro video templates. It is much easier than developing a design and piecing together a video from scratch. Plus, a quality intro is more likely to grab others' attention and stir their interest.

Get a jumpstart on your videos by checking out the 25 best intro video templates.

What is an Intro Template?

An intro template is a video that is short, sweet, but to the point. It delivers a message or establishes a mood and tone of what is about to follow. It should help you give a solid first impression.

Why Use an Intro Template?

Using an intro video template saves you time and stress by providing a basic structure and form to customize.

Types of Intro Templates

  • Logo Intro Templates - This template highlights your logo with a visual graphic or video in the background
  • Minimalist Template - This template lets the simplicity or balance in the graphics primarily speak for you
  • Lifestyle Template - This template leads with a lifestyle video or background graphic that evokes the feeling you want to portray

Best Intro Template Designer

PowerDirector Logo

PowerDirector 365

There isn’t a better video intro maker for your videos than PowerDirector 365. With this simple application, you’ll have access to thousands of intro video templates and the easiest editing software at your fingertips.

Simply choose a template and quickly customize it to your needs with the built-in Intro Designer. You can create a high-quality, professional-level intro in minutes, even if you have never edited before.

25 Best Intro Templates

1. Be Patient by Arale - Best for Minimalist Design

Be Patient - Best for Minimalist Design

This video intro template is so clean and simple for a classy spiritual or graphic design influencer or wellness brand. A single white lit candle on a thin marble slab on a white background. The fonts deliver a clear message in white font. The design was selected because it conveys authenticity and soothing vibes in its simplicity.

2. Sport, Slow Motion by Duncan Su - Best for Modern

Sport, Slow Motion - Best for Modern

This is such an epic little intro video template. The background graphic feels fun, artsy, and modern. It conveys a feeling of creativity, vitality, and cool while serving a modern and appealing look.

3. Truest Color in the Universe by Creator9 may - Best for Black & White

Truest Color in the Universe - Best for Black & White

This gorgeous, black-and-white video template evokes a feeling of expansiveness. This is perfect for artists and creatives looking for a simple but impactful intro video template design.

4. #NatureTravelTips by Sakura Studio - Best for Travel

NatureTravelTips - Best for Travel

This intro video template will work best for your YouTube channel as it is presented in the horizontal landscape mode. The strong backpacker looking out at a cascading waterfall conveys expertise in any outdoorsy activity. It’s perfect for outdoor adventurers about to break down their adventurous travel tips.

5. Show Your Moves! by Hana - Best for Dance

Show Your Moves - Best for Dance

For a sucker for unique visual and story design, these robots or AI-generated dancers showing off their playful dance moves create an exciting vibe that feels futuristic with their shiny glow-in-dark shoes. This is for dancers and creatives or the non-boring, outside-the-box thinking techie that wants to appeal to the attention span of young-minded folk.

6. Surfing Class for Pros by Rebecca Chang - Best for Water Sports

Surfing Class - Best for Water Sports

This template will best serve surfers or other water sports enthusiasts with this inspirational sports intro video template featuring a surfer coming out of a huge barrel wave.

7. 10 Breakthrough Technology 2022 by Daniel Shueh - Best for Technology

Breakthrough Technology - Best for Technology

You got to love this high-tech intro video template. The woman wearing a VR headset makes whatever she is experiencing look absolutely exhilarating. Get this template if you want to look super futuristic yet fun. You can use it in your social media stories or YouTube Shorts.

8. Enjoy Summer Party Tonight by Creator8 may - Best For Summer

Summer Party Tonight - Best For Summer

Use this template for hot summer party nights out. Its hazy pink tropical palm fronds set the background to a sexy call to action, inviting party guests to their summer night party.

9. Vintage Slideshow by Cyberlink - Best for Retro Design

Vintage Slideshow - Best for Retro Design

This template is for nostalgia lovers all over. Utilize this classic retro postcard style template to showcase a story or vintage photographs for content that will make people feel like reminiscing through their old photos.

10. House Painting by BiaGGI - Best for DIY & Home Design

House Painting - Best for DIY

This intro video template is great for new homeowners, DIY’ers, and brands that market to that audience. It features a woman that’s excited to paint the walls of her new home.

11. Tips for Pets by Rebecca Chang - Best for Pet Lovers

Tips for Pets - Best for Pet Lovers

This template could be the intro to an episode on dog advice on your YouTube channel. It has a lovely video of a dog walker walking multiple dogs with a title card on the right-hand side of the screen on a light green background.

12. Hawaii by Jau Huang - Best for Nature

Hawaii - Best for Nature

This intro video template uses a cute graphic of a video camera viewfinder over a gorgeous background image that looks just like a postcard of a lush green Hawaiian mountain and sunny beach. It’s excellent for lovers of Hawaii, beaches, and anyone involved in the travel industry.

13. How to Start Producing Music by Plurrrrr zone - Best for Music

Start Producing Music - Best for Music

Excellent little intro video template for producers, DJs, and musicians out there looking to share tips, tricks, and advice. This template will set the tone perfectly.

14. Laughter is the Best Medicine by D Boy! - Best for Love

Laughter is the Best Medicine - Best for Love

This lovely little video intro template is romantic and charming, with a couple in black and white laughing. It’s perfect for couple influencers, relationship experts, wedding vendors, etc., to help pull the audience in with its nostalgic vibes.

15. Colorful Life by Uncle Drew - Best for Life

Colorful Life - Best for Life

This video intro has a vibrant pop of color with the beautiful blue traveling van and graphic. This intro video template looks suited for couples or folks ready to embark on traveling #vanlife adventures with their dog.

16. Yoga by Marcus- Best for Health

Yoga - Best for Health

Any lifestyle brand could use this intro video template to promote health and wellness. Wellness influencers and yoga teachers can help set the stage to help educate others and deliver the benefits of yoga to promote longevity with this yoga-based template.

17. YouTube Intro by WinnieBaby - Best for Gaming

YouTube Intro - Best for Gaming

This is an excellent and straightforward streamer video intro. It’s the perfect setup before any live web stream. This video intro has a subtle way of getting the viewer in the mood to watch a sporty live stream.

18. #Tomato by Sakura Studio - Best for Food

Tomato - Best for Food

This video intro deliciously puts the tomato front and center. You can fully customize this template to make the statement you want about health, cooking, or even art.

19. Summer New Style by WinnieBaby - Best for Fashion

Summer New Style - Best for Fashion

Such a clean, hip, and fashionable little intro. It is sure to grab people’s attention. Keep them intrigued with this fun, innocent, and sexy little intro video template.

20. 7 Tips for Parents to Help Child Develop by Daniel Shueh - Best for Family

Help Child Develop - Best for Family

This intro template includes the most adorable child with dimples playing their ukelele. It’s perfect for parents or brands catering to families to help share advice about raising kids.

21. Art Exhibition by R Studio - Best for Events

Art Exhibition - Best for Events

What a gorgeous little art exhibition video intro. This video intro primes art lovers worldwide to prepare for another fantastic showing. They won’t want to miss it.

22. 5 Boxing Tips Experts Don’t Share by Plurrrrr Studio - Best for Education

Boxing Tips Experts Don't Share - Best for Education

Let’s learn how to box like the legends in this intro template. Health and wellness, fitness advocates, boxers, and folks seeking inspiration would all be excellent candidates that would utilize this for their next video.

23. Less is More by Sodoma - Best for Design

Less is More - Best for Design

When one thinks about design, balance is one of the first things that may come to mind. This video template delivers in full artistry the use of balance and simplicity. It leaves your audience wanting more.

24. Think Different by creator3 may - Best for Business

Think Different - Best for Business

Business leaders and young outside-the-box thinkers may love this video intro. There is simplicity and electricity with the moving visual graphic elements inside the hand's control. At the same time, the message "Think Different" makes you curious about what they will share after the intro.

25. Makeup by Audrey H - Best for Beauty

Makeup - Best for Beauty

This intro is the best for beauty insiders. You'll love how in this simple video, you can see the woman step into place with a silhouette and serve face. The red pops and grabs attention, making you stop and look.

How to Customize an Intro Template

With PowerDirector365, you can utilize the best designer out there to create your high-quality intro video templates. Get started on your perfect intro videos for your YouTube channel with the easiest step-by-step guide possible below.

  1. Open PowerDirector 365 and the Video Intro Templates and start looking for something with the perfect trifecta aligning with your vision, style, and incorporating the right animation or graphics.
  2. PowerDirector - Intro Designer Template
  3. Next up! Let’s get down to editing, having selected your template, which opens the Intro Designer. You will have the power to go through each tool and customize every single element of your video from changing your intro duration, replacing images/videos, trimming, and cropping the background clip. You can even replace the music and change audio levels.
  4. PowerDirector - Intro Designer Media
  5. Ensure your brand logo is uploaded and your personal branding message is conveyed clearly.
  6. Produce your work!

Download the Best Intro Template Designer for Free

Don’t waste time creating intro videos from scratch. You can save a lot of effort when you utilize PowerDirector 365 to create intros from one of their thousands of templates. Customizing their colors, fonts and graphics is easy when using the Ad Designer plug-in.

PowerDirector 365 has a super intuitive interface that you can use for more than designing your intros. In addition, the program contains state-of-the-art video editing software powered by AI.

Download the Best Intro Template Designer PowerDirector365 for free.

Intro Template FAQ

1. How Do I Create a Custom Intro Template?

With PowerDirector 365. Simply open the program and browse through all of the options to find the right template to begin with. The intro video designer will allow you to customize it to every single detail, from trimming, replacing the background, and changing the music. Once you have made all your changes you can save the template to use in the future.

2. How Do I Find a Template for an Intro?

It’s easy to find a template using PowerDirector 365. There are thousands of premade templates available in the software waiting to be customized.

3. How Do I Add an Intro to a Video?

With PowerDirector365, you would add your video and an intro video you have created onto the video editing timeline. Then simply produce the project.

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