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10 Best Free Watermark Removers To Clearly Erase Watermarks from Any Photos

Last Updated on Nov. 25, 2022 – by David Morgan
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Best Free Watermark Removers

Watermarks protect your photos, but every now and then, you need an app to remove them. There are lots of free watermark remover apps to help you do it, including PhotoDirector, which has many more features to explore. Keep reading to discover the 10 best free watermark removers!

Snapshot of the Top 3 Watermark Removers

PhotoDirector Logo

1. PhotoDirector — Best for Removing Watermarks with Seamless Edits

PhotoDirector’s AI technology lets you instantly remove your watermarks for a perfect finish without warping your photo. More Info >

2. WatermarkRemover.io — Best for Removing Multiple Watermarks at Once

WatermarkRemover.io lets you remove several watermarks with a user-friendly platform. More Info >

3. Photo Retouch-Object Removal — Best for Erasing Watermarks with Object Removal

Photo Retouch-Object Removal gets rid of watermarks and keeps your photo quality using its object removal tool. More Info >

How To Choose the Best App To Remove Watermarks

When choosing the best watermark remover app, there are some key features to keep in mind. Each one of them can affect the app’s quality and your experience. Consider these factors before you download:

  • AI-powered features, for instant watermark detection
  • Additional editing tools
  • App speed
  • In-app advertisements

How To Test the Watermark Removers

Above all, when you’re testing your watermark removal app, only use your own photos. While testing the apps, look for things like:

  • Maintaining the original image quality after edits
  • User interface and experience
  • Flow of the platform
  • Ease of use when editing
  • Watermark removal options

Before you commit to an app, make sure you enjoy using it and that it makes the edits you want!

10 Best Free Watermark Removers

Explore these 10 free watermark removal apps with features that give you clear, watermark-free snaps.

  1. PhotoDirector
  2. WatermarkRemover.io
  3. Photo Retouch-Object Removal
  4. FDCTool
  5. TouchRetouch
  6. AirBrush
  7. Facetune
  8. Snapseed
  9. PhotoRoom
  10. Object Removal - Retouch Tunes

1. PhotoDirector — Best for Removing Watermarks with Seamless Edits

Best For: Complete edits using AI technology for a natural finish.

Available on: iOS and Android

Of all the photo editing apps available, PhotoDirector is the best watermark remover. It also comes packed with other useful photo editing tools and features.

  • AI-Powered Feature To Remove Watermarks Flawlessly
  • Use the best photo editor app, PhotoDirector

    PhotoDirector is the easiest watermark remover you can find. Its AI-powered watermark removal feature separates the watermark from the rest of the photo to remove it flawlessly.

  • Remove Highly Detailed Watermarks
  • Use the best photo editor app, PhotoDirector

    Manually remove your watermarks by choosing your brush size and dragging your finger over the area. This works especially well if you have detailed watermarks.

  • Remove Any Watermark You Want
  • Use the best photo editor app, PhotoDirector

    PhotoDirector’s watermark removal feature is thorough, so you can get rid of any type of watermark instantly! The app automatically detects different colors, shapes, and sizes of your watermarks for complete removal.

Learn More about Object/People Removal with These Articles:

2. WatermarkRemover.io — Best for Removing Multiple Watermarks at Once


WatermarkRemover.io has a simple interface that allows even beginners to remove watermarks. It can even remove multicolored watermarks, and you can select several different watermarks to remove at once with automatic detection.

3. Photo Retouch-Object Removal — Best for Erasing Watermarks with Object Removal

Photo Retouch-Object Removal

This app’s watermark removal feature allows you to remove watermarks manually. Using its object remover, drag your finger over the watermark you want to get rid of, and the app will eliminate it for you. It takes a little longer than PhotoDirector, but its results are still high in quality.

4. FDCTool — Best for Removing Watermarks from Videos

With FDCTool, you can add and remove your own watermarks. It sets itself apart with its video editing tool, which lets you instantly remove watermarks from your videos. You can also watermark your pictures with images or remove them with a few taps.

5. TouchRetouch — Best for Decluttering Your Photos with Watermark Removal

TouchRetouch uses its object removal feature to clean up your photos and get rid of watermarks. Its edge-aware object removal detects the shape of your watermark and can remove anything from lines to mesh over your whole photo.

6. AirBrush — Best for Retouching after Watermark Removal

AirBrush is a beauty app first, but its Erase tool lets you highlight and remove any unwanted watermarks. The app has a clean and simple interface, and it only takes a minute to figure it out. The watermark remover isn’t automatic, but you can use the app to touch up your photo afterward.

7. Facetune — Best for Removing Watermarks from Selfies

Facetune is a selfie app, but you can use its object removal feature to get rid of any watermarks in the way of your face. Facetune’s object removal isn’t as sophisticated as other apps, and there are many features you can’t access without paying.

8. Snapseed — Best for Removing Watermarks with Tutorials

Snapseed gives you tips and tricks for removing watermarks and doing just about anything else in the app. It has a lot more complex editing tools, so you don’t get the same AI detection as with other apps.

9. PhotoRoom — Best for Editing Watermarks Out of Photos for Ecommerce

PhotoRoom’s Magic Retouch and Background Removal tools combine for an easy and complete watermark removal. You can also add a watermark so that people don’t steal your designs when you post them for sale on your website.

10. Object Removal - Retouch Tunes — Best for Removing Large Watermarks

This app has an all-purpose object removal tool that lets you paint over the watermark to remove it. It is a manual editor, but its AI will fill in the space your watermark leaves behind, even if it takes up most of the page.

Download the Best Remove Watermark App — PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector has its own free watermark removal feature with no ads. You can manually edit out your watermark, and the app will catch every detail for a clean result. Its impressive AI technology can instantly remove watermarks without changing your photo quality or messing up your background. Download PhotoDirector free for iOS or Android to see how it can transform your photos!

FAQs about Watermark Removers

1. Can I Remove Watermarks from a Photo for Free?

Yes, many tools will remove watermarks for free. PhotoDirector has some of the most advanced watermark removal features available, including AI detection and automatic removal.

2. How Do I Remove Watermarks from a Photo?

Follow these steps to remove watermarks with PhotoDirector:

  1. Go to Tools and select Removal.
  2. Indicate the watermark area and tap Remove.
  3. Save your edits!

3. What Is the Best Way To Remove Watermarks from a Photo?

Using a photo editing app is best because it gives you more than just watermark removal. With an app like PhotoDirector, you can add filters and stickers, change your face and body shape, and retouch your photos after you’ve removed your watermark.

4. What Apps Are Recommended To Remove Watermarks from a Photo?

Explore these 10 watermark removal apps:

  • PhotoDirector
  • WatermarkRemover.io
  • Photo Retouch-Object Removal
  • FDCTool
  • TouchRetouch
  • AirBrush
  • Facetune
  • Snapseed
  • PhotoRoom
  • Object Removal—Retouch Tunes

We recommend PhotoDirector as the top watermark remover for its AI technology and clean edits.

5. What Is the Best Free Watermark Remover?

PhotoDirector is the best free watermark remover for its AI-powered tools. It maintains your photo quality and lets you make lots of other edits to create the best look for your photos!

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