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Create Hand-drawn Animated Objects with Paint Designer

PowerDirector’s Paint Designer allows you to create hand-drawn animated objects (such as your written signature) on top of a color board, image or video clip. Paint Designer’s new feature lets you paint over a background with upmost ease. In addition, you can adjust the display/freeze duration for complete control.

Step1. Creating an Overlay Painting Effect with Paint Designer

Drag you footage onto the first track of the timeline.

Click on the Plugins icon   and select the Paint Designer.

You can adjust the color, type and width of the brush you’d like to draw with.

With the Playback/Freeze setting, you can set a playback time for your drawing or maintain the effect by freezing the final frame.

Once the painting is complete, click OK to save as a template.

Step2: Adding the Paint Designer into video

Go to the Video Overlay Room >Custom, you will find you saved template.

Drag and drop the template form the custom folder down into the timeline under your footage, and enjoy this amazing painting effect you just made.

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