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Top 3 Benefits of Chroma Key Editing

Green screens have become an industry standard for professional film production, but not many people realize it’s affordable and accessible for amateur filmmakers as well. With an ever-growing amount of CGI content and Special FX in blockbuster movies, why not adopt these stunning elements for your own next-level video productions? After all… the most important thing is to make sure your work stands out in the highly-competitive creative industry.

So here are a few handy tricks you can apply using Chroma Key video editing on your PC:

1. Professional Backgrounds

Think about the last few times you went to the cinema to watch a blockbuster film. Chances are the film used multiple green screen effects and Chroma key editing to awe the audience. Whether it’s an Avenger superhero fighting off aliens, Godzilla terrorizing the streets of Tokyo, or Leonardo Di Caprio flaunting off his wealth in the Wolf of Wall Street – green screen special effects were used.

Setting up a green screen allows literally anyone to film using a professional-looking background. While green screens can be used for superimposing complex backgrounds, it can also be used to create a clear white background for a professional corporate setting. This is where the Chroma Key effect comes in useful as it can easily replace a green background with anything else. Businesses and filmmakers alike can use this video editing technique to hide unprofessional backgrounds, letting the camera focus on the main actor or speaker and their message.

See how professional backgrounds are created on PowerDirector here:

2. Change Your Locations at Will

Filmmakers may find it difficult to recreate fantasy narratives in exotic locations because they are faced with the very real issues of cost and proximity. It can be assured that amateur filmmakers will not be willing to fork out large sums of money to rent out a mansion for a Great Gatsby parody; nor will they want to travel across the Polar ice caps for an Animal Planet-inspired penguin documentary.

Green screens and Chroma Key editing comes in handy here because video backgrounds can be changed instantly and effortlessly. Filmmakers can easily transport a character from the glaciers of Iceland to the Great Pyramids of Egypt with just a few clicks of the mouse. Depending on a filmmaker’s video editing skills, these techniques can be used to make a fictional scene look completely realistic. The possibilities with green screen background alterations are truly endless, meaning video content creators will never run out of ideas when producing skits and sketches.

Learn how you can remove and apply new backgrounds here.

3. Improve Your Branding Ability

Businesses can benefit from using green screen backgrounds by superimposing company logos into the background of their promotional videos. Easily add textures, colors and other branding elements in the background to make your video stand-out. In addition, Chroma Key editing lets you safely copyright your videos by adding a watermark or logo. Protecting your intellectual property is an important step for ensuring that your work gets properly recognized – especially if it’s being shared online.

See how easy it is to impose brand logos and company watermarks here:

The widespread availability of green screens makes it easy for filmmakers of all levels to add special FX to their video productions. Cost of attaining a green screen can be as little as $20 including the frame, or alternatively you can indulge in your own DIY project for those on a tighter budget.

Nowadays, innovative means anyone with a PC can use the Chroma Key effect to edit green screens. PowerDirector is an affordable solution to do just that. With a comprehensive Learning Center and step-by-step video tutorials, you can turn your wildest imagination into stunning video creations today.

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