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5 Great Title Opener ideas for your YouTube Videos

An opening title sequence (also referred to as opening credits or intro title) is a series of clips or graphics displayed at the start of a video. It’s main function is to display the title of your video, give the viewer a brief idea of what they’re about to see, and, if relevant, introduce the name of the channel and host. It’s a great way to set the tone for your video piece and have a consistent theme to all of your videos.

Put simply, opening titles are a composition of text on a colored background or over video usually with a voice-over or musical hook. It can be as simple or a complex as you’d like but remember, this is your first impression and a great opportunity to capture the attention of your potential viewers. Try to create something unique that stands out and authentically captures your overall theme.

For example if you’re creating a video for distance learning, it’s especially important to use creative titles that will catch your students’ attention and ignite their curiosity to watch until the end. If you’re not sure how to create good opening titles, here are somes helpful tips:

Tips for Creating Good Opening Titles

  • Keep it short. Make it long enough to excite people about what they’re about to see but don’t give it all away! A good rule-of-thumb is between 5 and 10 seconds.
  • Include a channel or company logo with the title text. Adding these is a great way to build your brand and get people to relate to your body of work.
  • Use particles, text animation, masks, or other effects to make them more appealing. Visual effects are a great way to create a unique look and capture attention.
  • Make them stand out. This is one part of your video where you can really express yourself - it’s okay to add flair to opening titles!

With PowerDirector there are many ways to create creative and stunning opening titles with ease. In this article we will review some opening title ideas you can create in PowerDirector’s Title Designer, and take a look at the ready-made opening title templates that are available.

1. Simple Opening Titles

The Title Designer in CyberLink PowerDirector is a powerful editing tool that allows you to create virtually any type of opening title you want. From simple credits, to opening title sequences with animation and effects, PowerDirector can create them all.

The best opening titles are simple and….:

  • Say a lot with a little.
  • Are relevant to the content they’re about to show.
  • Are elegant and cinematic with the right font and effects.
  • Don’t distract users from your scene/footage.
  • Leave an impression and are memorable.

Check out how the winner of CyberLink’s 2019 video contest used a simple opening title perfectly to set the right tone for the rest of this exquisite video edited in CyberLink PowerDirector.

Now have a look at the following tutorial on creating simple opening titles. It reviews the basics of the Title Designer and provides an overview of some of the opening titles you can create.

2. Cinematic Opening Titles

By simply accessing some of the more advanced features in the Title Designer, you can create cinema quality opening titles that will grab the viewer’s attention and add wow factor to your video.

As an example, check out the opening title in this video made by one of our users:

This cinema-quality opening title was made with PowerDirector just using fades and masks. Take a look at this tutorial for guidance on how to create the same kind of opening title in your video.

By using these and other advanced Title Designer features such as backdrops and particle effects, you can significantly elevate the production quality of any video.

3. Opening Titles with Special Effects

How about some special effects? With the effect tab in PowerDirector’s Title Designer you can set your opening titles on fire (literally!), turn them into a neon or LED sign, or add a lightning effect to make them more electric. You can even make movie poster text come alive, just like you see in major Hollywood films such as Burlesque or Ready Player One posters!

Check out this demo video that highlights some of the special effects you can apply to your opening titles in PowerDirector.

4. Ready-made Opening Titles

One of the greatest advantages to the PowerDirector 365 subscription is that it includes access to all of CyberLink’s creative design packs. These packs include a large variety of effects and templates you can use in your video productions, including ready-made opening titles.

Ready-made opening titles have a themed style and effects pre-applied for you, making it quick and easy to incorporate them into your videos. All you need to do is enter the title text you want.

Ready-made opening titles are:

  • Hassle free and save you a lot of time.
  • Made by CyberLink designers, so they are guaranteed to look good and very professional.

There are many ready-made opening titles in PowerDirector to choose from, for all types of videos. If you want to make a serious/informative video, you can use the broadcast title pack. If you are creating a fun summer or travel highlights video, you should check out the travel design pack.

Have a look at this short tutorial demonstrating how to add ready-made motion titles found in the travel design pack.

5. Motion Graphic Titles

Motion graphic titles are another type of ready-to-use opening titles, pre-designed with graphic elements and vivid colors. Just drag-and-drop these titles into your YouTube videos to create memorable opening titles that will impress your viewers.

Take a look at this motion graphic title demo video to see how they can improve your next video.

Other Templates, Effects, Media for Your YouTube Videos

As a PowerDirector 365 subscriber you can use all of the templates and effects seen here in your video productions, with new packs being added regularly. The subscription also includes a library of royalty free videos, music, and sound effects.

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