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Adding, Exporting and Importing Subtitles in the Subtitle Room

Subtitles are text that matches the dialog in videos, usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. Subtitles are similar to title effects, except titles can include effects, while subtitles only appear as simple text.

Manually Adding Subtitles

1. Click to open the Subtitle room.

2. Drag the timeline slider to the position where you want to display the subtitle, and then click .

3. Double click on the added subtitle in the panel located above, and then enter the desired text.

Extra Information

A subtitle marker displays in the subtitle track of the timeline automatically.

4. The added subtitle displays at the bottom of the video.

5. Drag the timeline slider to the position where you want to add another subtitle, and then click

6. Double click on the added subtitle, and then enter the desired text.

7. Modify the duration of the subtitle by resizing the subtitle marker on the subtitle track.

Extra Information

Move your mouse cursor to the right end of the subtitle marker. When the cursor becomes an icon with two arrows, click and drag the edge of the marker to increase or reduce the subtitle duration.

8. Move the mouse cursor to an area within the subtitle marker. When the cursor becomes a icon, you can move it to the left or right to set when the subtitle displays on your video.

Knowledge Base

To remove a subtitle, select it in the subtitles panel and then click the button.

Changing the Subtitle Text Format

You can change the text format of your subtitles.

1. Click in the Subtitle room.

2. In the Font dialog, change the font type, style, size, color, and 3D depth as required, and then click Apply to All.

Extra Information

You can give your subtitles a 3D effect by draggin the 3D Depth slider left or right.


Clicking Apply to All applies the changes to all of the subtitles on the subtitle track. If you click OK, the changes you made are only applied to the current subtitle.

2. In the Font dialog, change the font type, style, size, color, and 3D depth as required, and then click Apply to All.

Exporting Subtitle Text as an SRT file

You can export your created subtitles as an SRT file so that you can use it in other projects or software.

1. After you add subtitles to your video production, click the button.

2. Select where you want to save the file, give it a custom file name, and the click Save.

3. The subtitles and their time codes are displayed in the saved file.


By default, your subtitle text is exported as an SRT file, which you can open with Notepad.

Importing Subtitles

You can also use the import subtitles feature to speed up the process. If there are no time codes in the subtitles file, you will need to mark the positions in the video first and then import the subtitles from either an SRT or text file. Utilizing this function can save you a lot of time.

1. Open the Subtitle room, and then click to play the video.

2. When the timeline slider reaches the desired position of a subtitle during playback, click (Add series of subtitles during playback).

Extra Information

Please note the Add series of subtitles during playback button is only available during video playback.


The icons appear on the subtitle track to indicate the positions where the subtitles will display on the video.

3. Stop the playback after you mark all the desired positions. All the icons will then become subtitle markers.

4. Input your subtitle text in Notepad and then save it as a text file. Each subtitle should be on its own separate line.

5. Click to import the subtitle text file.


You can import subtitles in the SRT and TXT file formats.

6. In the Open dialog, browse to the file, select it, and then click Open to continue.

7. Click OK.

8. Play the video in the preview window to check if all the subtitles are placed at the correct positions. You can modify the start time and the duration of each subtitle individually as required.

Selecting a Subtitle Type

There are two types of subtitles available in PowerDirector: subtitles for discs and subtitles that are imprinted on a video file. If you select the Create subtitles for discs option, the video and subtitles are separate, which means you can turn the subtitles on or off in the disc menu. If you choose the Create subtitles imprinted on a video file option, the subtitles are imprinted on the video, which means they become a part of the video.

1. Click the button to select the type of subtitles you want to include on your video.

2. There are two subtitle types you can choose from.

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