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How to Produce and Share your Video Project

Once you have finished editing, you can produce the video project as a video file to share on social media or burn to a disc. This tutorial will show you how to export and share your video productions.

To begin, click on the Produce tab to export your video.

Output your standard 2D video

1. In the Produce module, select Standard 2D.

2. Select your preferred video format, and then select the Profile name/Quality for the video file you wish to create.

3. Select an output folder where the video will be saved to.

4. Click the Start button to begin producing your video file.

5. The production is complete.

Note: The outputted video file cannot be edited. All the added effects, title text and objects have been merged into the video. Be sure you save the project file for future use.

Output video to your social media

1. In the Produce module, select the Online tab to upload your video production online (e.g. YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Youku and Facebook).

2. Set up file name, file location and output format.

3. Click Start to produce the project. Hooray, you are done!

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