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How do I rip audio CDs to my hard drive or convert my audio files to a different format?

You can rip audio CDs to your hard drive in the .mp3, .wav or .wma format. Keeping copies of your CDs on your hard drive allows you to play songs from numerous CDs without changing discs in your computer’s disc drive and also prevents wear and tear on your physical CD collection.

You also may use the Audio Converter utility to convert an audio file to a different audio format (.mp3, .wav, and .wma) or to a difference quality.


  1. In your version of Power2Go 7, this feature may be limited or unavailable. To obtain the full functioning of this feature, please purchase or install the retail version of Power2Go 7. (To check your version of Power2Go, click the logo of “Power2Go”.) Version information is provided in the Readme file.
  2. Please make sure you have Windows Media Player 9 or above installed on your system.
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