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CyberLink PowerCinema 6 digital home entertainment software is an all-in-one digital media center, delivering a complete entertainment solution for the digital home via your PC. Watch and record digital HDTV and listen to radio on your PC with PowerCinema’s bundled TV-tuner card. PowerCinema 6 allows you to enjoy music, videos, photos, and DVDs. PowerCinema 6 digital TV software is also perfect for mobile TV and digital entertainment, transforming any notebook into a portable media center. Download a trial version or purchase this great digital TV software now at CyberLink.com.

Procedure for Software Update Download and Installation
Unless noted, software updates provided on this page are exclusively for retail and online purchased versions only. To check for updates for hardware bundled versions, locate the "About" dialog in the software, and then click on the "Upgrade" button. In the Upgrade dialog click the "Update" tab to see if there are any updates available. Also note that the software will pop up a notification periodically when there is an update available.


PowerCinema 6


Updates: This update file updates PowerCinema 6 to PowerCinema 6 build 3316.

Release Notes

Updates: This file updates ‘PowerCinema 6 for Toshiba’ to build 2810.

Release Notes

PowerCinema 5


Updates: This update file updates PowerCinema 5 to version 5813.

Release Notes

Updates: This update file updates PowerCinema 5 to version 4616 and enables PowerCinema 5 to fully support Windows Vista 32/64 bits.

Release Notes

PowerCinema 4.7


Updates:This patch only applies for Fujitsu Siemens users to support Pinnacle card 3010i with PowerUP feature.

PowerCinema 4


Update Patch for Fujitsu Siemens Computers -- Scaleo P: This patch file updates PowerCinema 4 to build 1816. It is exclusively for Fujitsu Siemens Computers Scaleo P.

Release Notes

PowerCinema 3


Updates:This patch will update your PowerCinema 3.0 to build 2129. It is only for those without TV and radio functions.

Release Notes