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Subscription Agreement

Subscription Plan

  • a) Type:
      Your subscription type is based on your selection of a monthly, quarterly or yearly plan.
  • b) Fees:
      The fees of your selected subscription plan are stated at the time of purchase plus applicable taxes.
  • c) Subscription begins:
    • (i)Completing the sign-up process; and
    • (ii)Full payment of the subscription fee via your credit card.
  • d) Renewal of subscription plan:
      Your contract will renew automatically based on your selected subscription term without notice, until you cancel. If there is any adjustment in the subscription pricing at the end of your subscription period, we will inform you before any auto-renewal is applied. Cancellations can be made any time by visiting your Member Zone or by contacting Customer Support.
  • e) Termination of subscription plan:
    • (e)(i) WITHIN the first 30 days after your first / initial subscription:
      • (e)(i)-(i)Contact Customer Support within the first 30 days after your first / initial subscription; and
      • (e)(i)-(ii)payment of your subscribed plan will be refunded in full.
    • (e)(ii) AFTER the first 30 days after your first / initial subscription:
      • (e)(ii)-(i)Contact Customer Support and
      • (e)(ii)-(ii)No refund.
  • f) CyberLink Cloud Storage Service Data Purge Policy:

    90 days after the ending or expiration of your subscription plan. CyberLink will erase/delete all of your data files stored in the CyberLink Cloud storage. You will be notified via email 2 days prior to expiration of the subscription plan.

  • g) Time Zone:

    UTC + 0 (Universal Time, Coordinated) Time Zone.


    The SOFTWARE is licensed for subscription purposes. You agree that CyberLink may change the version of the SOFTWARE provided to you at any time without liability to you. Ongoing access to Subscription SOFTWARE requires a working internet connection, CyberLink’s receipt of recurring subscription payments and agreement to the terms of use and/or service for Subscription SOFTWARE to be found on the downloading site. The rights granted to you herein will cease after a specified time period and the SOFTWARE usage is time-limited, after expiration of which it may be disabled.