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Sep. 23, 2014
#Gloatie: Posting an Excessive Amount of Vacation Photos Can Lead to the Loss of Friends on Social Media

CyberLink Research Shows Nearly 40% of Americans Would Consider Unfollowing Friends on Social Media for Posting Too Many Holiday Photos, Something Easily Avoidable with Quality Editing Tools

Santa Clara, CASeptember 23, 2014—New research released today by CyberLink Corp., the world’s leading consumer multimedia software company, finds that one in seven (14%) Americans who own a smartphone and who use social media platforms would unfollow or block someone on a social media site if they posted what they considered to be an excessive amount of boastful photos from vacation on social media channels and in addition, one in four (25%) of smartphone users with social media profiles would consider it. Further, one in four (25%) American travelers who own a smartphone and who use social media platforms attempt to share a picture on social media within one hour of arriving at their vacation destination. In an effort to uncover how crucial smartphones and technology have become to the American vacation experience, CyberLink commissioned research firm YouGov to study how enjoyment of a vacation is affected by the positive responses elicited by others on social media platforms – and influenced by the quality of the content being posted.

"Our social news feeds are dominated by “gloating” photos of friends and colleagues on holiday, and while capturing photos and sharing them on social media has become an integral part of the vacation experience – there is a way of doing so without annoying friends and family,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. "More than half of American travelers who share vacation photos on social media do so because they enjoy sharing photographs (61%), to update friends and family on their whereabouts (58%) and to capture holiday moments (52%). They are a great source of enjoyment for the individual taking the photo, but are sometimes a point of irritation for friends back home and at work. Creating and sharing the perfect holiday photo is a fine art – and there are plenty of tools at our disposal to help capture, edit and share unspoiled memories with friends and family – including many from CyberLink!”

Additional key findings from the research include:

  • Creating (and re-taking) the perfect #Gloatie: Before posting photos to social media channels, more than six in 10 (64%) Americans who edit photos before posting them on social media will retake a shot at least once if they find it unsatisfactory. One in three (36%) will add color and filter effects, one in four (26%) will crop photos into selfies (so they are the main subject of the image) and one in four (25%) will crop photos so that they are more flattering.
  • Top vacation selfie #Gloaties: While pictures of family and friends (74%) are the most popular photos shared on social media while on vacation by smartphone owners who have social media profiles, followed by snapshots of the surrounding landscape (71%) and views from a hotel room or balcony (54%) – posting pictures of food is also extremely popular, with one in four (26%) posting photos of specific meals. Vacation selfies ranked by popularity include:
    1. Selfie in sunglasses (18%)
    2. Group selfie making a silly face (17%)
    3. Selfie with a cocktail (16%)
    4. Selfie with a part of body on the beach, a lounge chair, or the sand (10%)
    5. Selfie in a bathing suit (9%)
    6. Selfie in a beach hat (6%)
  • Facebook is the top place to share vacation #Gloaties: With nine in 10 (90%) American travelers who own a smartphone and post photos to social media sharing vacation photos on Facebook, it is overwhelmingly the number one social platform where travelers with social media profiles share their holiday snapshots, more than three times than that of Instagram (28%), and more than four times that of Twitter (18%).

  • Vacation #Gloaties that get the most “likes”: Friends and family appear to genuinely appreciate when friends, family and colleagues post photos to social media. The top reasons that would make a friend with a smartphone and social media profile “like” or “favorite” a vacation photo are those in which friends and family are sharing a special moment (63%), they look happy (58%) and look genuine and natural (48%). One in seven (14%) “like” a photo hoping friends will do the same. Further, one in six (18%) American travelers who own a smartphone and share vacation photos on their social media profiles share photos on social media profiles to get social media engagement. These findings highlight the importance of using the right tools to edit #gloaties and avoid losing friends.

CyberLink is also launching a “#Gloatie” contest, challenging photo enthusiasts from around the world to upload their most beautiful vacation photos. To enter, contestants can simply upload their submissions to CyberLink Facebook contest page with hashtag #Gloatie for a chance to win an iPhone 6. For complete rules and details, visit the contest page at: http://woobox.com/rt77df

CyberLink offers an entire suite of apps to help create and edit the perfect vacation photos, including YouCam Perfect (available on Android and iOS), YouCam Perfect Makeup (available on Android and iOS) and PhotoDirector (available on Android, soon on iOS). To learn more, please visit: www.cyberlink.com/products/app-zone.

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Research Methodology
CyberLink commissioned accredited research agency YouGov Plc to poll the views of a representative sample of 2,268 U.S. adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between August 25 – 27, 2014. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all U.S. adults (aged 18+). The research was carried out online.



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